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Frankeni is the acknowledged leader in Western Michigan in Power Systems with IBM i technology. We understand IBM i on POWER! We also know the HMC, VIOS, Virtual Tape and SAN connectivity. Frankeni can help with system migrations, performance tuning, and determining what is the best path for you moving forward with your IBM i and Power System.

If you're dealing with a partner that doesn't truly understand Power Systems virtualization and its benefits when bundled with SAN Storage, and virtual tape libraries then you need a new partner! Contact us today if you need help finding a skilled partner!

How's your backup, I mean your RECOVERY?

Industry experts agree that if you've never tested your backup then you cannot claim to have one. Everyone says "yes" when you ask them if they've run the backup but very few can claim they've actually tested a full recovery from their media.

Why don't System Administrators test their backups? Usually it's simply because they don't have the hardware available to restore it to. Add to that the effort required and the time needed and far too many shops today simply can't put the resources to the task.

However, will management accept that excuse? Probly not. So how can Frankeni help? We have Power systems available at our office as well as portable servers that can be brought to your site and used there. With our skills and resources we can test the recovery for you and assist with testing your applications on the restored system. Let us know when you'd like to test YOUR backups!

i In the Cloud!

Your trusted IBM i hosting service i In The Cloud. A creation of two of the industry's best known experts, Pete Massiello and Larry Bolhuis.

IBM i Upgrades and migrations

More and more IBM i shops are without a dedicated System Administrator yet the need to stay current with operating systems and PTFs doesn't go away. Instead of attempting something you rarely do on your own, contact Franken-i for professional services to complete your upgrade smoothly and in less time than you could do it yourself. We utilize custom install media that have current PTFs already integrated to both reduce problems and upgrade times.

If you just aren't sure if your software will correctly convert to IBM i 7.3 or 7.4 let us do a pre-conversion test on our hardware. We can take a Save from your system and restore it onto one of ours and upgrade there. Once complete we can let you access it remotely to veryify a successful upgrade.

OS/400, i5/OS and IBM i Tape Conversions

In the process of building the various creatures that inhabit the FankenLab Frankeni has acquired a significant number of AS/400 iSeries System i and IBM i tape drives. This allows us to duplicate those old tapes you may suddenly realize you need to read. Frankeni has the following tape devices and can convert from any to any other format. Contact us for timing and pricing.
   - QIC 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 13/26GB, 16/32GB, 30/60GB and 50/100GB
   - 8MM 2.5, 5.0, 7.5 and 15GB
   - 8MM Mammoth I - 20/40GB
   - 3490
   - 3570 B and C
   - 3580 Ultrium-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
   - 3590 J and K format (10 to 40GB)

Custom Backups

Backup windows keep geting tighter and budgets for faster tape drives don't materialize, yet you still have to back up the system. There are options available to return your system to the users even while the backup continues running. Of course the most important part of any backup is the ability to restore from it! Contact us to discuss options to get your backup done more effectively and be certain you can restore the system if you must.

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